Top 18 Home Design Trends for 2019


The start of a new year offers a clean slate. A chance to set new goals and try new things. But before you start planning your new diet and exercise routine, let’s set aside a few moments to think about the place you call home—you know the place where you will follow that diet. Is it inviting? Relaxing? Fun? Or does it need a clean slate? Some remodeling even?

If your home’s interior design feels stale, it doesn’t reflect you anymore. Make 2019 the year your house not only welcomes guests, but you. Whether you prefer to make a statement or go with the flow, you can find plenty of inspiration on our list. This year home decor trends bring the outdoors in, mix it up and have fun. So feel free, to go big in your home with these new home trends for the new year.

1. Natural Finishes and Accents

This black and white kitchen is clean and classic in every way. Smooth shaker cabinets. White subway tile. The prominent linear design elements dominate the sizable space. Then take a look at the island, and surprise! Wicker barstools. This unapologetically casual accent adds texture and warmth to the kitchen, completely offsetting the starkness of the black and white. They also tie in with the light wood floor—which was on our 2018 design trend list— with the richly stained range hood and shelves. Even if clean and classic is your style, it’s never wrong to go a little natural.

2. Mixed Metals

Mixed metals? Of all the kitchen trends, this one might be the scariest for some, but trust us. It makes for a much more interesting kitchen. (But there is a fine line between a careless look and a casual one, so if you need it, we’re here to help.) In this kitchen, the bold, chrome pendants shine above the island. They are a natural highlight in front of the muted white cabinets and taupe subway tiles (which do have a little shine of their own). Rather than simply match the cabinets or the backsplash with upholstered barstools, however, the designer took a more rustic route with these iron and wood barstools. Coordinating with the weathered floor and island, these barstools balance out the polish of the rest of the kitchen.

3. Black Bathrooms

Everyone wants their bathroom to feel like a spa. Over the past few years, spa-like has been synonymous with white. Get ready for bathroom trends to do a 180. Like white, black is versatile. It can be classic, modern and even rustic or warm. Look for black slab marble countertops, shower tiles or in the case of bathroom above, black cabinets. In this bathroom, black is classic, it anchors the space, and it is a design highlight against the white walls.

True to its versatility, black in this bathroom evokes an entirely different feel: moodiness and even warmth.

4. Black Fixtures

Not ready to go all in on black? You can still make a statement with black fixtures, such as faucets and lights. In this bathroom, the lighting and faucets evoke the farmhouse style so prevalent in the last several years.

These bold, black pendants, on the other hand, are a statement piece in this bar, not merely an accent.

5. Green


In 2019, it’s easy being green! It’s all about bringing the outdoors in. Even if you don’t have pastoral green vistas outside your living room windows, you can just grab a can of paint and roll that beautiful color on your walls. Or if you’re feeling bold, go green on your kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re into a retro mint or a comforting sage, green is in. If you’re looking for something a little more striking, PPG’s 2019 color of the year, night watch green, just might be it. Reminiscent of Scottish tartans and evergreen forests, this intense hue is perfect for injecting a natural richness into any space. Of the new year’s interior paint trends, it’s definitely the boldest.

6. Continuous Color

While accent walls still add a pop of color and pattern for those who just want a touch of it, a continuous wall color is more on trend for 2019. The creamy pale walls in this hallway stand aside to let the warm wood floors and sculptural wainscoting take front and center.

7. Warmer Neutrals


Don’t get us wrong, the new year is not going back to beige. Gray is still as popular as ever. But do expect to see a trend toward warmer grays and even taupes. Benjamin Moore’s 2019 color of the year, Metropolitan, is just one example of the trend catching on. Warm grays are a popular color choice in kitchens and in this one it creates comfortable gathering space.

8. Lime Wash Wall Finishes

Does a faux finish make you think of sponge painting? Yeah, we know. But this is not that. Trust us. Lime wash finishes give a beautifully subtle weathered look to walls. Give this one a shot this year. You’ll love it. We promise.

9. Bold, Patterned Backsplashes

Backsplashes are the perfect place to make a statement in your kitchen. Unlike cabinets or floors, which require beaucoup bucks and loads of spare time to replace, a new backsplash can be done on a budget by a weekend warrior. In this kitchen, the backsplash is a focal point. The unassuming white cabinets are a perfectly neutral frame for this fun tile work.

10. Florals

While lattices and other geometric shapes have covered many a window and pillow the last few years, 2019 is set to be a year for florals. Florals contrast and add softness to all of the hard lines in a home. Plus, it’s an easy way to add pattern. Florals can be on something as small as a pillow or as large as a wall. The range of patterns is as diverse as homeowners tastes. If you’re thinking about your grandmother’s floral wallpaper, think again.

11. Boho

In stark contrast to clean white kitchens and subtle gray living rooms, there’s boho. And it’s poised for a comeback in 2019. This whimsical, well-traveled and well-lived-in style creates unforgettable rooms. With varying patterns and textures, boho evokes all that is fun and artsy. While this living room isn’t bold in pattern and color, boho is achieved in smaller doses, with throw pillows, throw rugs, mismatched antique frames and more. So go ahead, get in touch with your inner Phoebe Buffay.

12. Outdoor Lighting is IN

The weightiness of outdoor lights and their structural style can actually make them a natural statement piece in kitchens, baths or other rooms in your home. Lantern pendants, like the ones above, have been used in kitchens for several years.

That’s not to say that this sconce couldn’t be used as vanity lighting on either side of a bathroom mirror or as bedside sconces.

13. Airy Upper Cabinets

Think beyond cabinets in your kitchen. Scrap the flat and square. Think open, airy, and relaxed. Instead of hiding dishes away, consider open shelves to display them. Not only does it create visual interest by bringing in varying depths and shapes, but it also opens the space and creates a more relaxed feel. If you have sufficient storage, take down a couple of cabinets and expand your view. Let in more light with a wide window. Take in a little more sun and a little more nature as you cook, clean, and converse. No matter how many people are in your kitchen, it can feel casual and open.

14. Scandinavian Open Base Cabinet Designs


If you like the open look on the top half of your kitchen, you’ll love it on the bottom half as well. In particularly small kitchen floor plans, like the one pictured above, it adds to the open feel. It’s also unmistakably casual. And we love it for the new year!

15. Boxed Range Hood


This modern take on the range hood will switch up kitchen trends in 2019. Its straight lines create a beautifully simple, less dramatic shape than the traditional range hood, as it parallels the walls and falls in line with the range.

16. Colorful Appliances


Even if your kitchen colors are subtle, your appliances don’t have to be. Quirky retro appliance in pastels like mint, daffodil and sky blue incorporate appliances as a part of design, not just utility. What’s more, you don’t have to buy a suite of one-color appliances. A range, as in the photo above, stands alone as a statement in this kitchen. This gorgeous orange oven bursts with charm in a kitchen replete with nuanced tones. You’ll want to cook for a crowd just to show off the oven.

17. Stairs

Is the rest of your home updated, but you overlooked the stairs? Don’t forget. Design is in the details. Make 2019 the year to update that as well. Painting is one way to spruce up sleepy spindles. You can even take it step further and consider cable or iron. Cable instantly modernizes your railings and opens up the space. Iron can enhance your stairway too, whether it’s romantically scrolled or stoically straight.

18. Luxury Laundry Rooms (with Dog Washes!)


Does your otherwise perfect pooch get a little messy at times? Taking him to the groomer after a day at the beach isn’t always an option, but neither is rinsing off in the yard. The perfect solution for Fido? A dog wash. A laundry room is the perfect space for it. They’re already made for cleaning and close to the entrance. No more tracking in mud or sand. Keep ‘em clean in 2019.

So there it is! West Chester Design Build’s home design trends for 2019. We know there are so many options and ideas, but don’t stress. We are here to help. After all, we build happiness.

Happy New Year to all our neighbors in Chester County!

Your friends at West Chester Design Build