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We’re All About Building Happiness!

Home renovation, residential contractor – these are not terms that are often associated with trust or convenience, let alone, happiness.

So why do we harp on this theme? It’s because we’re on a mission to break the stigma associated with work in this industry.

We know that some contractors have given our profession a bad name, but we’re dedicated to providing outstanding quality, personable service, timely delivery, and a convenient process. And we do it all with the highest level of professionalism. We use our time, energy and expertise to provide you with a finished product that gives you more peace of mind, more pride in your home, more space for your family and more convenience for your everyday life. We think that’s something to be happy about!


Happiness is an Inside Job

It Starts Here

Unlike other providers, we are a fully staffed team of specialists, rather than a disjointed group of independent contractors. Our company has its own physical office, we maintain regular hours and our team is always easily reachable via cell phone and email. We pay our staff as full-time employees so that each team member who steps foot in a client’s home is accountable to the company and invested in doing a great job.

Why do we run our business this way?

Well, our leadership believes that when we take care of our team and the vendors we partner with, we facilitate a working environment where people feel respected, appreciated and properly cared for. We like to pass that value along to our clients, too. In short, we take care of our team so our team can take care of you!


There’s Nothing Better Than a Happy Home

Here’s Why:

Yes, we’re designers and builders. But we do more than that. We love to get to know our clients – their families, their dreams, their needs. When we know who we’re working with and what makes them tick, we can offer professional service on a personal level.

Here’s what we mean…

We are in the business of creating new and renovated spaces that literally make our clients’ everyday lives better. If the intimacy of a luxury master bathroom, the layout of a gourmet kitchen or the openness of a family room facilitate the space you need to create memories with the ones you love, then we’ve done our job. Because, ultimately, we believe that happiness is really about relationships.


A One Stop Shop

Enhancing Happiness Through Convenience. We implement a professional, seamless process that takes our clients from custom design and complete implementation…all the way through to warranty and follow-up care. You get the benefits of modern design materials, expertise in both design and building and it all comes from the same team with one, simple point of contact for you. From beginning to end, we’re your one-stop shop to get your dream project completed!

Building Happiness Is Just A Moment Away: