Custom Basement: Phoenixville, PA

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The Backstory

Two professionals with a young, growing family were looking for more square footage and a unique space to be able to relax and wind down. After interviewing a few different companies, they contracted with us for both the design and construction of a custom, lower-level, finished basement.

The Perfect Space

With the rest of the house slowly being overtaken with kids’ toys, this couple wanted their new basement space to reflect a professional, young adult vibe. Complete with a comfortable lounge space, a contemporary style wet bar, and even a tucked away kids’ play room behind frosted glass double doors, the finished product is now the perfect, peaceful place for the couple to relax together after long days at work.

A Special Request

The client gave us the special task of developing a design concept to creatively pay homage to the University of Michigan, where they met. Our team went to work and tracked down a slab of Michigan-grown white pine, which is the state tree and we etched the university logo into it. This special piece was incorporated seamlessly into the basement design, providing a classy, meaningful reminder for the client and making their new space even more special.